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May threatens to extend Brexit transition period at EU summit


ay threatens to extend Brexit transition period at EU summit. US Dollar rallies on upbeat Federal Reserve minutes.

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Matthew Ryan


In partnership with technology giant Oracle, Ebury has launched its own NetSuite App; ‘Ebury on Netsuite.’
eleanorstevenson 18 Oct 2018

thomasdodds 17 Oct 2018

UK wages jump to 10 year high, Brexit caution keep Sterling gains in check .Emerging market currencies rally on stock market rebound.
Matthew Ryan 17 Oct 2018

Pound edges higher as May claims Brexit deal ‘still achievable’. Soft retail sales drag US Dollar lower, disappointing investors.
Matthew Ryan 16 Oct 2018

Dollar weakens despite worldwide stock rout. Brexit news weighs heavy on the Pound ahead of EU Summit, negotiations left in a deadlock after the weekend.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 15 Oct 2018

Slowing US inflation data drags Dollar lower. Brexit news continues to affect Sterling ahead of next Thursday’s EU summit.
Matthew Ryan 12 Oct 2018

Sterling hits three week high as Barnier claims Brexit deal ‘within reach’. US Dollar rally erases back, FOMC member Bullard goes dovish on rate hikes
Matthew Ryan 11 Oct 2018

Last week had two very clear winners in the FX market, the US Dollar and the Brazilian Real.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 8 Oct 2018

We’re delighted to have been ranked among the top forecasters again in Bloomberg’s FX forecast accuracy rankings for the third quarter of 2018.
Lucie Pankova 5 Oct 2018

Sterling jumped to a ten day high against the Euro this morning, extending its gains from yesterday, on reports that a deal over Brexit could be imminent.
Matthew Ryan 5 Oct 2018

A string of impressive US macroeconomic data continued to show that the US economy is growing at a much faster pace than almost every other major economy.
Matthew Ryan 4 Oct 2018

Rate hike? Don’t bank on it. On the 26th of September, we were delighted to be joined by Bank of England economist, Rob Elder.
Lucie Pankova 3 Oct 2018

Concerns over Italian politics continue to dominate the newswires, even following Thursday evening’s budget agreement.
Matthew Ryan 2 Oct 2018

US Dollar rally came under somewhat unusual circumstances, with dovish Fed, soft inflation across the Atlantic and the standoff over the Italian budget.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 1 Oct 2018

The Euro remained firmly on the back foot this morning, with concerns regarding the Italian government’s budget. Brexit concerns weigh on Pound.
Matthew Ryan 28 Sep 2018