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Euro slides on recession fears, May secures modest A50 extension


uro slides on recession fears, May secures modest A50 extension. Policymakers at the Fed don't expect an interest rate hike this year.

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Enrique Díaz-Álvarez


EU agrees to short Brexit delay, Euro slides on soft PMIs. Following 8 hours of negotiations, the EU has agreed to delay Brexit until 22nd May.
Matthew Ryan 22 Mar 2019

Dollar slides after Fed signals no more rate hikes in 2019. Theresa May calls for a short extension, delaying Article 50 until 30th June.
Matthew Ryan 21 Mar 2019

How will tonight’s Fed meeting impact the US Dollar? May is expected to ask the EU for an Article 50 delay tomorrow, but how long for?
Matthew Ryan 20 Mar 2019

Bercow dashes Brexit vote hopes, UK jobless rate falls. Euro gains ahead of Fed meeting, where we expect a downward revision of the bank’s ‘dot plot’.
Matthew Ryan 19 Mar 2019

Will the Federal Reserve signal the end of its rate hike cycle next week? Rate-setters will be announcing their latest monetary policy announcement.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 18 Mar 2019

Sterling break to fresh highs as Parliament rules out hard Brexit. The Fed will meet on Tuesday, with no change in rates expected.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 18 Mar 2019

MPs vote to delay Brexit, Sterling traders unimpressed. If May’s deal is accepted on the 20th March, the EU exit date will be pushed to the end of June.
Matthew Ryan 15 Mar 2019

Sterling rockets higher as MPs reject ‘no deal’ Brexit. UK Parliament will vote tonight on whether to extend Article 50 and delay Brexit.
Matthew Ryan 14 Mar 2019

Sterling unmoved after MPs reject May’s Brexit deal. Attention turns to next week’s FOMC meeting, where we expect a downward revision of the ‘dot-plot’.
Matthew Ryan 13 Mar 2019

Sterling spikes on hopes that Brexit deal could pass today. News that the Northern Irish ‘Backstop’ will not be permanent after Brexit boosted the Pound.
Matthew Ryan 12 Mar 2019

Even though markets had braced themselves for a dovish ECB meeting, the central bank managed to outdo expectations with a significant downward revisions of growth and inflation forecasts and the announcement of a fresh round of cheap long term financing for banks.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 11 Mar 2019

The Euro sank by around one percent against the US Dollar on Thursday, putting it on course for its worst weekly performance in a year, after the ECB delivered a very dovish surprise following its latest monetary policy meeting.
Matthew Ryan 8 Mar 2019

ECB to lower its growth and inflation forecasts today? Investors now await the next parliamentary Brexit vote, which we expect to be rejected.
Matthew Ryan 7 Mar 2019

How will tomorrow’s ECB decision impact the FX market? Dollar continues to gain support from positive data, with very few signs of a recession for the US.
Matthew Ryan 6 Mar 2019

Three reasons why the Euro sold-off on Monday. One more week until Thersea May’s Brexit withdrawl agreement is put in front of parliament.
Matthew Ryan 5 Mar 2019