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US political troubles slam Dollar, Euro jumps to two year high


he US Dollar slumped to its lowest level in over a year last week as a strong Euro and political saga in the US weighed heavily on the greenback.

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Enrique Díaz-Álvarez


The Euro jumped to its highest level against the US Dollar in nearly two years on Thursday after ECB President Mario Draghi spoke in Frankfurt.
Matthew Ryan 21 Jul 2017

The European Central Bank will be announcing its monetary policy decision following its two day meeting at 13:30 UK time.
Matthew Ryan 20 Jul 2017

The Euro jumped to its strongest position against the Dollar since May 2016 yesterday, soaring towards the 1.16 level.
Matthew Ryan 19 Jul 2017

Sterling slumped by over half a percent back towards the 1.30 level against the US Dollar this morning from its strongest position since September 2016.
Matthew Ryan 18 Jul 2017

Last week's mix of macroeconomic and monetary policy news resulted in the US Dollar selling-off against almost every major currency.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 17 Jul 2017

We’re pleased to be ranked among the most accurate currency forecasters in Bloomberg FX forecast accuracy rankings for the second quarter of 2017.
Lucie Pankova 17 Jul 2017

The Euro continued trending downwards against almost all G10 currencies. Upwards surprises in job market data continued to boost for Sterling.
Matthew Ryan 14 Jul 2017

Euro fell against almost all G10 currencies yesterday, meanwhile Sterling got some support from unemployment, weekly earnings and job creation data.
Matthew Ryan 13 Jul 2017

Volatility increased as investors turn away from the Dollar, BoE committee members disappointed during their speeches yesterday.
Matthew Ryan 12 Jul 2017

The main currency pair did not move much, hardly surprising considering the lack of any meaningful macroeconomic releases.
Matthew Ryan 11 Jul 2017

World markets continue to come to terms with a global regime shift in financial conditions. The immediate impact was seen in world bond yields.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 10 Jul 2017

Matthew Ryan 7 Jul 2017

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