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Impressive earnings data lifts Sterling, May calls for ‘backstop’ renegotiation


mpressive earnings data lifts Sterling, May calls for ‘backstop’ renegotiation. The IMF downgrades their global economic forecasts.

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Matthew Ryan


Sterling bounces as markets price in a softer Brexit. Weak German economic growth could rule out any hikes by the ECB in 2019.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 21 Jan 2019

Sterling climbs on easing ‘no deal’ Brexit concerns. Theresa May’s defeat is being seen as decreasing the chance of a no deal Brexit.
Matthew Ryan 18 Jan 2019

May wins no confidence vote, is an Article 50 extension next? The US government shut down continues, but traders appear unconcerned.
Matthew Ryan 17 Jan 2019

If you make international payments regularly, it can be frustrating having to deal with financial market fluctuations. With our fixed forwards, you can lock in a rate now, and pay later.
Rosie Sanderson 18 Jan 2019

Ebury’s own Chief Risk Officer, Enrique Diaz-Alvarez, appeared in Bloomberg this week, talking through where he thinks the future of the Mexican peso is headed.
Rosie Sanderson 17 Jan 2019

Why did Sterling rally after May’s crushing Brexit vote defeat? Weak German growth figures confirm suspicions of delayed ECB hikes.
Matthew Ryan 16 Jan 2019

D-Day for May as UK parliament votes on Brexit deal. Voting will commence at 7pm UK time tonight, with low chances of the deal passing.
Matthew Ryan 15 Jan 2019

Dollar sell-off continues as US government shutdown enters 4th week. A no deal Brexit becomes less likely, but chances of a further postponement increase.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 14 Jan 2019

Fed Chair Jerome Powell reiterates need for patience on rate hikes. Attention now turns to next Tuesday for the delayed Brexit vote.
Matthew Ryan 11 Jan 2019

US Dollar tanks after FOMC member Bostic hints at interest rate cut. UK Prime Minister May loses another crucial Brexit vote.
Matthew Ryan 10 Jan 2019

Ebury made it to the top of Bloomberg’s FX forecast rankings for EUR/USD as the most accurate currency forecaster for the pair in the 4th quarter of 2018.
Matthew Ryan 14 Jan 2019

May scrambles to win over DUP ahead of Brexit vote. Risk appetite improves as the US and China agree to extend trade talks for a third day.
Matthew Ryan 9 Jan 2019

Euro retraces from best-performing currency on Monday on soft German data. Oil price rebound supports commodity currencies.
Matthew Ryan 8 Jan 2019

Tight FX market ranges hold amid equity market gyrations. UK Parliament returns from recess today, the postponed Brexit vote is scheduled for next Tuesday.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 7 Jan 2019

Sterling recovers after safe-haven induced sell-off. Soft Eurozone PMIs fan fears that the next ECB rate hike is a long way off.
Matthew Ryan 4 Jan 2019