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Pound eases from Brexit highs after UK inflation slows

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Matthew Ryan


Matthew Ryan 16 Jan 2018

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 15 Jan 2018

Matthew Ryan 12 Jan 2018

Matthew Ryan 11 Jan 2018

Matthew Ryan 10 Jan 2018

Matthew Ryan 9 Jan 2018

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 8 Jan 2018

The Euro approached its strongest position against the US Dollar in three years on Thursday, extending its recent impressive rally.
Matthew Ryan 5 Jan 2018

The UK currency lost around half a percent of its value against the Dollar yesterday to end trading just above the 1.35 mark.
Matthew Ryan 4 Jan 2018

The US Dollar continued to lose ground against its major peers on the first full trading day of 2018 following a disappointing end of the year.
Matthew Ryan 3 Jan 2018

The Euro slipped versus the Dollar after the Catalan election showed that the separatist parties in the region had achieved enough combined seats to govern.
Matthew Ryan 22 Dec 2017

The tax bill approved by the Senate on Wednesday caused widespread criticism from the Democratic Senators, all 48 of them opposed the bill.
Matthew Ryan 21 Dec 2017

The US Senate approved Donald Trump’s sweeping tax cut plans on Tuesday, further paving the way for the legislation to pass in a matter of days.
Matthew Ryan 20 Dec 2017

Season’s greetings and a happy new year from Ebury! We wanted to thank you for your loyalty. And we look forward to continue to support you in 2018.
Lucie Pankova 19 Dec 2017

The US Dollar retraced much of Friday’s gains against its major peers throughout London trading on Monday. Meanwhile, South African Rand jumped by over 4%.
Matthew Ryan 19 Dec 2017