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Currency Updates

Sterling trades around three month low on ‘hard Brexit’ concerns


he Pound steadied itself around its lowest level against the US Dollar since the surprise ‘flash crash’ in October on Monday.

Written by

Matthew Ryan


The US Dollar had rallied since the US election on vague notions that the incoming Administration would add fiscal stimulus to the economy.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 16 Jan 2017

Yesterday’s 'Minutes', related to European Central Bank’s last meeting, showed that European inflation is significantly on the rise.
Matthew Ryan 13 Jan 2017

Yesterday’s awaited press conference from the president-elect kept markets on their feet last night. Some of the currencies affected were MXN, EUR and GBP.
Matthew Ryan 13 Jan 2017

Pound holds its ground after two days of continuous falls. It is clear Sterling will react closely to the political developments.
Lucie Pankova 11 Jan 2017

Sterling once again traded almost entirely driven by the Brexit developments. The Pound fell to its lowest level in 10-weeks against the USD.
Matthew Ryan 10 Jan 2017

Last week started off with the counter trend rally that develops when the consensus position, in this case, USD appreciation becomes too crowded.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 9 Jan 2017

We're proud to have ranked highly in Bloomberg’s FX forecasts for Q4 2016 following our success in Q3 2016, securing the top for key EM currencies.
Lucie Pankova 6 Jan 2017

The most traded currency pair in the world, EUR/USD, had a mixed Thursday with Euro surging to its three weeks high against USD.
Matthew Ryan 6 Jan 2017

After falling to a fresh 14 year low against the US Dollar on Tuesday the Euro managed to recover some of its losses and trended upwards.
Matthew Ryan 5 Jan 2017

The Euro fell to a fresh 14 year low against the US Dollar on Tuesday, which showed broad strength against its major peers during early afternoon trading.
Matthew Ryan 4 Jan 2017

FX markets were for the most part quiet during the holiday weeks. The only exception was a short-lived pop in the Euro on 30 December.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 3 Jan 2017

The USD retreated from its 14 year high against its trade-weighted basket of currencies on Wednesday, although appreciating almost 5% since November.
Matthew Ryan 22 Dec 2016

Comments from Chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen on Monday evening kept the US Dollar well supported for another day.
Matthew Ryan 22 Dec 2016

The Pound fell to its weakest position against the US Dollar since 21 November on Monday, while slipping to a more than one week low versus the Euro.
Matthew Ryan 20 Dec 2016

The actual interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve was a non-event, as it was fully expected. However, the ‘dot plot’ was a surprise.
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 19 Dec 2016